Clear Glass that Turns Opaque? Understanding Clear to Opaque Window Glass

If you have recently noticed clear glass that turns opaque, you’re probably wondering what it is, how it works, and whether it’s something you should install in your home or office It’s hard not to be mesmerised by this incredible technology – window glass that turns opaque with just the… … read more.

Using Custom Laminated Glass Panels to Enhance Your Building with a Modern Look

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Electric Switchable Glass, Electric Privacy Glass – Whatever You Call It, Tinted Smart Glass Windows are Great; Here’s Why

Even if you aren’t aware of electric smart glass, you have probably seen it around the Gold Coast area or wherever in Australia you live Also known as electric switchable glass, smart glass is glass that can change from transparent to opaque when you apply electricity (by simply pushing a button… … read more.

How to Improve the Look of Your Swimming Pool with Frameless Glass Fencing (and Tips for Choosing Your Fence Panels)

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Purchase a Glass Awning, Balcony, Fin or Wall and Change Your Property in Noticeable Ways

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The Benefits of Switchable Privacy Glass Over Film and Where to Find Installers in Australia

Switchable privacy glass is becoming an increasingly popular option in Australian homes, offices and medical facilities Switchable glass delivers several advantages over self-apply switchable privacy film Simply put, it is a piece of glass that gives the user control over how much light it lets… … read more.

Luxury Electric Window Film Switch from Transparent to Opaque

Architecture and design are two of the oldest professions in human civilisation Thousands of years in progressing such fields have shown unbelievable results Some of the possibilities that are realised today are incredible Who even discovered it was possible to have opaque windows that return to… … read more.

A Seamless Solution to Frameless Glass – for Railing, Shower Wall, Balustrade and Doors

If you have a frameless glass wall, door, or window, you’ll know the importance of having it laminated With the reality that these structures are impacted daily, whether by environmental elements or people, it can easily shatter, attract dirt, and invite cold or heat into the interior of the… … read more.

Polyvision Switchable Privacy Smart Glass Windows or Panels are the Smart Choice

Smart glass provides much value for windows, glass panels and doors Not only does it protect from impact and environmental elements, such as wind and rain, but it offers shade and insulation from heat and cold Many companies use smart glass and dependent on quality; it might be impossible to tell… … read more.

The Impressive Capabilities of Switchable Glass Windows, Panels & Window Film

Around the year 1965, nanotechnology research in New York discovered switchable glass By using electricity to control light passing through a switchable window film, scientists managed to make a window that can switch from transparent to opaque This unrefined design was applauded for its futuristic… … read more.