Say goodbye to your handrails, and say hello to beautiful uninterrupted views!

Polytron Glass Australia is proud to announce our innovative Polystrong™ Structural Balustrading systems.

Polystrong™ has several key safety and security elements, that you just don’t get with standard balustrade systems. With every Polystrong™ project being different and unique in it’s own way, each job comes with it’s own engineering certificate to ensure it meets the relevant standards and design conditions.

Polytron Glass Australia. Making the world a safer place. One panel at a time.

We also have a premium range of Frameless Glass Hardware, including our structural glass fittings to suit our Polystrong products.

Further to this exciting new range of structural balustrading systems, our Polystrong glass products are suitable for use in Pool Windows, Architectural Frameless Glass Assemblies, Glass Awnings and Glass Flooring.

A specialised inhouse installation team is available for installation of Polystrong Structural Glass Systems and Polyvision™ Switchable Glass.

Polystrong’s unique premium exposed edge finish has to be seen to be believed! Compliant with AS/NZS 1170.0-1 (2002), AS 1288-2006, BCA 2015

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