Polyvision ™ Switchable Privacy Glass Laminate

Through Polyvision, you will see things in a whole new light!


    Through Polyvision, you will see things in a whole new light! At the flick of an electrical switch, Polyvision becomes transparent from a cloudy white translucent state.


    • Privacy and security with architectural integrity
    • Visual attention to interior and exterior design
    • No distracting shutters and drapes which harbour dust with bacteria
    • Beauty and functions combined
    • Serves as projection screen and/or glass board capabilities


    GLASS COLOUR: Clear, bronze, grey, green tint or Vanceva Saflex Coloured PVB interlayers

    GLASS TYPE: Annealed, heat strengthened, toughened, heat soaked

    THICKNESS: Ranging from 9.92mm – 41.4mm

    SIZE: Up to 1820mm x 3500mm

    SHAPE: Any shape, including holes anywhere

    ENVIRONMENTAL: Storage -20deg C to 70deg C

    ELECTRICAL: Driving Voltage 65 +/- 5 Volts A.C

    Operation -10deg C to 60deg C

    Current less than 20mA/ft2

    Power approx. 0.5 watt/ ft2

    SWITCHING TIME: Approx. 100 milliseconds at room temperature

    OPTICAL: Transmission approx. 75%

    View Angle approx. 150 deg

    Scattering Effectiveness approx. 1 inch

    LIFE: Greater than 12 years (indoor application)

    Claim is supported by manufacturers testing data

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    Polyvision ™ Switchable Privacy Glass Laminate In Use

    Polyvision ™ Warranty

    • Polytron (the Manufacturer) provides a 2 -year limited warranty (or as specified on quotation) of Polyvision (the Product) against electrical failure and/or delamination of material or product failure because of workmanship. The Manufacturer is not liable for any damages or costs associated with improper storage, installation, hardware or usage of the Polyvision’ panel (the panel).

    • The Manufacturer, in its discretion, may elect either to replace the panels at no cost or refund all or a prorated portion of the customer cost based on the useful life of the panels. The purchaser agrees to assume all financial responsibility for removal of old panels and installation of new ones. The Manufacturer is not liable for any labour or transport costs associated with removal of old, or installation of new panels.

    • These remedies are the exclusive remedies available under this warranty. The Manufacturer is not liable for any consequential, liquidated, exemplary, or other damages that might result from any product failure of the panels.

    • The Manufacturer is not obligated to honour any part of the above warranty or provide further service until full payment for the Product, as ordered, has been received.

    IMPORTANT: For the warranty to be valid, panels must be in the OFF state (opaque) for a minimum of 4 hours every 24 hours. Switching ON and OFF daily is encouraged to ensure that the panels remain functional.

    Please Note: The customer must make themselves fully cognisant of the Manufacturer’s TECHNICAL INFORMATION & INSTALLATION GUIDE prior to the installation of the panel.

    If the panel is to be subjected to prolonged, excessive exposure to heat – particularly direct sunlight, the customer should consider the panel being constructed with Low E glass. Such a situation could be deleterious to the PDLC film and may render the warranty null and void.

    If the Product is intended to be installed where it will be subjected to excessive moisture (wet glazing) then it is imperative that all the edges of the panels be properly sealed prior to framing with the appropriate tape and non -acetic, neutral silicon sealant as stipulated in the Manufacturer’s TECHNICAL INFORMATION Et INSTALLATION GUIDE. Failure to comply with this will render this warranty null and void.

    Polyvision Privacy Glass panels will not be as optically clear as standard float glass. Some degree of haze will always appear due to the nature of the product makeup and will not be considered as a quality failure to replace or refund to the customer.