What is SGP Interlayer?

Choosing the right Glass Lamination products is paramount.

With a higher demand for security, energy efficiency, low maintenance and weather protection these days;
architects and designers need to meet these needs whilst delivering innovational designs.

To meet these needs, Laminated Glass is your first option for glazing.
However secondly, you need to choose the correct lamination products.

Laminated Glass is two or more sheets of glass bonded together by a single or multiple interlayer’s to produce a desired outcome.
The benefits of laminated glass are plentiful.
Ranging from strength and safety under impact, through to custom colours, custom designs and energy

Laminated glass diagram

Laminated glass diagram

A material that you need to consider when choosing glass lamination make up is SGP interlayer.

SGP = SentryGuard Plus Interlayer

  • Lighter
  • Clarity
  • 5 x Stronger than standard PVB
  • 100 x stiffer than standard PVB
  • Storm/Cyclone/Impact/Blast Resistant
  • Longer life
  • Strong adhesive strength

Bullet Proof Glass

Examples of applications of SGP Interlayer:

  • Balustrades/Fencing
  • Glass Flooring/Stairs
  • Prisons
  • Animal Enclosures
  • Commercial/Residential Glazing in Cyclone prone areas
  • Security Glass/Bullet Proof
  • Pedestrian bridges and more

    40.56mm in thickness

    40.56mm in thickness

Although its price rate is higher, SGP Interlayer is a specialised stronger safer compound than the standard PVB.
Without looking at $$$, it is clear that SGP is the best option. (Pun intended)